No Regrets!

Anonymous said: how many guys have you slept with?

Hello anonymous :)
I have slept with one! He’s a beast in bed and is currently laying beside me right now. Want to know a name too?
Simba :) He’s my precious stuffed animal and I sleep with him every night.
Anything else you would like to know?



That’s pretty fucking cool!

Saving this.

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It’s been a while…a long while O.O *peek-a-boo*

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That moment when you touched your first touchscreen



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Book sculptures by David Kracov

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The greatest girl ever :)

Monday: Midnight…Chilled in a hot tub, swam, hot tub again, showered McDonalds, got to her house at 3 and knocked out together. 

Tuesday: Woke up at 12, got ready, she drove us all the way to Lake Ray Hubbard. Got Ice Cream from cold stone, went and watched movies at cinemark. Got food from a Cajun Restaurant ate half of it then took the rest out to the docks, chilled and enjoyed the wind and the sounds of the water for an hour, finished our food, then headed back home. 

Wednesday: Went to Shops at Legacy, ate at a restaurant called Naan, shopped a little bit more. Went to Stonebriar Mall bought a couple of dresses and other items. Around 9, went to a friends place and “traveled to the moon” ;) Then went to Casanova and chilled for a couple of hours, had some hummus and bread. Headed back home around 1 :) 

I couldn’t have asked for a more eventful week with the Love of my life :) Definitely knows how to turn frowns upside down and my whole world just all around. <3 

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"I got you"

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i can’t stop thinking about this article i read today about an arabian guy who was deported for being too good looking and when i look at him


i see that it really is a crime

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i don’t normally post porn sorry 

It is a fucking pen wizard!



i don’t normally post porn sorry 

It is a fucking pen wizard!

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It’s just not fair.


I legitimately attract assholes…okay maybe a little too harsh, but I attract complicated guys. 
I just want a normal one :( 
THIS…is why I prefer a girl over any guy.
She makes my day all day everyday and cares so much more. Gentle :) 


if you’re having a bad day here is a baby polar bear being tickled


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I just want someone that’s all mine and mine only!! :(


This has got to be one of the cutest videos I have ever seen! Tiny 21-week-old Yorkie puppy Misa Minnie plays patty-cake with her mommy. Dubbed as one of the smartest Yorkie puppies in the world, Misa Minnie performs a variety of tricks including patty-cake which she learned in just four days. It really is quite something!!! You go girl :)

Via wannasmile

For more cute dogs and puppies

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